​​​​​Pacific Apartments Corp.​​

Property management


Pacific Apartments Corporation is a privately owned California company, established in 2013 for the purpose of managing multi-family properties.  The company has extensive background in development, construction, and management. 

Our portfolio includes affordable residential units in the Downtown Los Angeles and West Los Angeles, California as well as units in Phoenix, Arizona.  We manage over 10 properties with approximately 1,000 units in total.  Pacific Apartments Corp. takes great pride in its properties and staff.

Our Property Management Team consists of accomplished and well qualified individuals with comprehensive backgrounds in Real Estate. Our Team is dedicated to providing our tenants with an enjoyable place to live and the highest level of customer service.  Our properties include on-site managers and maintenance staff.  Our Property Managers strive to meet all of our tenants needs and accommodate them to the best of their abilities.  The Maintenance staff is well trained, experienced, and efficient.  Our team of professionals understand that property management is not just a Landlord and Tenant relationship, but rather a partnership between Owner and Customer.  Pacific Apartments Corp. understands the importance of property and maintenance management. 

Our goal is not only to meet our tenants' expectations, but to exceed them!